Our response to the new market! Manufactures preformed bags of different kinds.
Vertical packaging BIG BAG for large bags, up to 10 KG!
Vertical packaging tilted up to 70 packs per minute using delicate products.
Vertical packaging electronics able to accomplish more than 100 packages per minute!
Pneumatic vertical packaging machine can pack various kinds of bags.

Technical Scheet: FP 200 SPEEDY

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Dosing Systems
The Speedy automatic packaging machines , with the appropriate dosing system is able to manufacture different kind of products, such as: fresh and dry pasta, rice, seeds, cereals, croissants, spices, flour, frozen foods, snacks, chips, candy, bread, small metal, liquid, powder products.
Technical specifications
  • Mechanical speed: up to 100 packages per minute
  • Maximum lot size: 300x400 mm flat lot
  • Reel diameter: 350 mm Max
  • Range of coil: 660 mm Max
  • Machine size: 1250x1900x1700 mm
  • Air consumption: 1 Nl / cycle at 6 bar - 0,6 MPa
  • Power consumption: 7 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz three phase + n + t
  • Weight: 700 kg
Types of bag
  • Classic bag cushion
  • Square bottom bag
  • Square bottom bag with 4 side welded
  • Bag with square bottom with vertical-side
  • Bag with bow closed or open
  • Bag Clip
  • Bag with twist
  • Riveted bag with cardboard