• Big Bag, for the most voluminous packaging

  • Our faster packaging, over 100 bags per minute!

  • Garments made in a precise and rapid for various types of products

  • Big Bag
  • FP Speedy
  • packs

Our products

We design and build mechanical and electronic machines for the packaging industry: fast, easy to use, suitable for treating different materials. A partnership between mechanics and electronics can offer solutions to users of all sizes.
We offer the highest expertise and availability of highly qualified technical staff and ready to intervene promptly in case of service and maintenance. Our warehouse, computerized management, allows immediate supply spare parts to our technicians in order to eliminate waiting times and offer the security of a machine always running.
Our response to the new market! Manufactures preformed bags of different kinds.
Vertical packaging BIG BAG for large bags, up to 10 KG!
Vertical packaging tilted up to 70 packs per minute using delicate products.
Vertical packaging electronics able to accomplish more than 100 packages per minute!
Pneumatic vertical packaging machine can pack various kinds of bags.