• Big Bag, for the most voluminous packaging

  • Our faster packaging, over 100 bags per minute!

  • Garments made in a precise and rapid for various types of products

  • Big Bag
  • FP Speedy
  • packs
Our response to the new market! Manufactures preformed bags of different kinds.
Vertical packaging BIG BAG for large bags, up to 10 KG!
Vertical packaging tilted up to 70 packs per minute using delicate products.
Vertical packaging electronics able to accomplish more than 100 packages per minute!
Pneumatic vertical packaging machine can pack various kinds of bags.

Our company

The PF packaging machinery is a solid company, specialized for over 20 years in the manufacture of machines and systems for mechanical and electronic packaging with high quality standards.

FP Packaging Machinery is synonymous with safety, security of experience, professionalism and quality. Planning and executive capabilities are visible in all our work and our numerous customers who have placed trust and loyalty.

We have invested in technology to improve work processes, invested in human resources for the best professionals. These choices were rewarded by giving the customer focused and efficient solutions. The cornerstones of our company philosophy is and are conducted in a job well done, in ways and on time. We are able to offer the customer a complete and functional. the speed of responses, which always meet the requirements are the result of a constant and a twenty-year experience. Our Work are the best calling card to capture new markets and new customers. flexibility implemented makes us highly competitive.

PF, the choice for those who demand precision and reliability